Cloudncoder.com, a Live TV transcoding platform, is a flexible cloud-based encoding platform for premium linear content. The platform is capable of custom integrations to ingest satellite feeds from Europe or IP feeds from anywhere in the world through our IP Contribution Feed partners. The platform formats linear content to multi-screen formats for multi-CDN delivery.

Cloudncoder.com delivers a 99.9% encoding success rate and supports all major input video Well trained video engineers uniquely support the custom integrations, which is quintessential for any live-TV project. Apart from permanent linear channels, the platform also supports time based business models for live events like sports, news and concerts from all over the world. Any media publisher using the Cloudncoder.com WebApp can manage the events themselves.  Customers who include broadcasters, Pay-TV operators or news papers with live TV content, can easily access highly scalable, professional video encoding technology without large investments

Cloudncoder.com captures Live TV channels or live events from IP feeds or satellite signals delivery to almost any Content Distribution Network (CDN). The custom integrations and round the clock 24/7 support and monitoring services sets us apart from all other solutions available today.

  • We chose NORIGIN MEDIA’s Cloudncoder solution because of the unique flexibility and high quality it offers. With their years of experience in live encoding, we are very much looking forward to working with NORIGIN MEDIA in the further development of our live services.

    Tor Kristian Flage, Product Manager, Amedia


LIVE CAPTURE of IP or European satellite feeds with unique custom support, as required by linear channels, sets us apart from other online solutions. These ingest feeds are captured by Cloudncoder´s broadcast centers which are capable of receiving feeds from all over the world. The broadcast grade infrastructure helps maintain stability across the delivery chain. With integrations to global IP Contribution feed providers, Cloudncoder.com is available anywhere in the world.

Cloudncoder also supports recording of live events, triggered by the user in the Cloudncoder event scheduling tool. Recorded assets are available as a VOD right after the live broadcast segment has finished. The broadcast-grade encoding platform offers all industry standard formats with adaptive bitrates. The formats cater to a multi-screen streaming environment and are always updated to the changing industry.

LIVE TRANSCODING and HOSTED ORIGIN SERVER SERVICES are becoming popular with broadcasters and Pay-TV operators who see the benefit of reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs. With the flexible and user-friendly Cloudncoder software service, your business can choose from preconfigured or customized encoding profiles. All profiles offer adaptive bitrate to make the best use of available network capacity. Encoded streams are available for multi-screen delivery in both SD and HD multi-bitrate adaptive formats.

Customized integrations to any CDN or distribution platform will be offered. Cloudncoder offers pre- integrations to all leading Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) where the customers will have to contract with for separate commercials, if they do not have an existing agreement. The list of supported CDNs include Akamai, Arkena, Octoshape, Level3, DT CDN, Edgecast and a host of operator led CDNs. The booking and scheduling of distribution for your live content is effortless. Using the Cloudncoder Web App, simply select your preconfigured CDN.

  • A TV Streaming service is a unique business and we are happy that Norigin have launched all these new customised apps for us in a short and efficient manner within a few months utilizing their Hybrid Apps product suite. We are looking to reach out to the expansive mobile users market across Germany who can easily subscribe to our Mobile TV services directly from their personal devices
    Gert von Manteuffel, Vice President Product Management TV, Deutsche Telekom


Cloudncoder.com is an online system, which caters to a multi-screen delivery environment. Our standard profiles will cater to current formats and be customized further as per need. This is a premium encoding platform which can be customized to each of our customers´specific requirements. The platform is always kept up to date, with the latest formats always available to support multi-screen streaming needs including MSS, HLS, MPEG-DASH, etc.



A flat and all-inclusive pricing structure which includes all ingest and output costs, helps you understand fees better as this is a scalable solution where transparency is key. Due to the nature of customizations required and to remain competitive, an Account Manager will get in touch if you take a moment to express your interest at contact@noriginmedia.com. Cloudncoder offers both pay-as-you-go hourly pricing as well as fixed monthly prices for linear channels. Unique integration and customization prices will be priced based on estimates and effort. With the flexibility to capture signals directly from satellite or IP feeds, Cloudncoder.com eliminates the need for purchasing expensive infrastructure for broadcast grade TV services. Unlike other options available for you today, we do not complicate the pricing with many calculations and multiplicities based on profiles and elements which cannot be foreseen.


Cloudncoder.com offers 24/7 support, so you can be rest assured that your encoded content remains available for distribution to your viewers. The support teams are equipped to handle any calls and our ticketing systems are based on priorities and SLAs, all structured to meet the individual needs of our customers. Alongside support, Cloudncoder.com also offers event monitoring services for the E2E streams regardless of choice of distribution or CDN. Training services can also be offered to reduce support and make this more cost efficient.