Norigin Media offers 2 main flagship products – CLOUDNCODER and TV APPS SUITE. The combination of the 2 could be managed end-2-end for streaming service owners with content rights for Linear Channels. The customers who are mainly Cable Companies across Europe and Regional streaming service owners have the content agreements for linear channel distribution and a brand towards a set audience, normally restricted within a region or ISP.

Satellite downlinking or IP capture of linear feeds, transcoding and packing for streaming delivery. We will either use our own CDN or our customers premises to setup Edge Nodes to stream within their network with the highest possible video quality. The content is protected as agreed with OTT CAS or DRM. The UI/UX are Norigin LIVE TV APPS which are designed to suit the best linear TV streaming experience for watching Live-TV content, EPG, Catchup and all related features. The Apps also include the intelligence for other features needed for Skinny Bundles, Favourite Channels, Subscriptions, Search and Casting.

CLOUDBERRY offers 24/7 broadcast grade service management and support that any linear TV service needs. This includes 2nd line support with high level of service availability. The Service Management includes reporting, analytics, meetings on campaigns, marketing, etc. The Roadmap includes new features and development cycles to keep the service updated.